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Settlement Workers In Schools

The Settlement Worker in Schools program assists a child's transition into the Canadian school system.



Our free services assist newcomers with their adaptation to the Humboldt Region.


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Fall 2022

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Testimony from Andrew

"First days in Humboldt, SK, Canada were unforgettable. We just arrived in this small city, without friends or relatives, so we feel lonely and lost. Those feelings don't last. From the first day we came to HRNC, we felt warm inside and everything in life became so much easier. Actually, before we went to Humboldt, our son came here to start the new school year. He contacted HRNC and told us how he got help from HRNC. From helping him rent a room, taking him to the market to preparing for his studies at the Humboldt Collegiate Institute, HRNC members help. When we arrived in Humboldt, there was so much to do, from applying for a SIN, a health card, opening a bank account to studying and taking the driver's license test and taking the first steps to opening a business under an agreement with the province . These are all new to us and it's hard to do them without HRNC's help. We realize that the members of HRNC not only help us with their work, but also out of love for newcomers. One of our best memories is the first time our car got stuck in the snow, and after a few unsuccessful attempts to get out, we literally panicked. Our first thing after that was to call HRNC for help. A few minutes later, a truck came and stopped beside our car and we were delighted to see almost half of the HRNC members get out of the van with shovels ready to help. Although we could not find an investment opportunity to open a business in Humboldt, we will always keep those memories in mind. At Moose Jaw, HRNC members had the opportunity to visit our business when it just opened. To this day, Humboldt is still my hometown, HRNC is still our family and it's warm to remember..."

The Voice of Youth in Rural Saskatchewan

Voices of youth was put together by the hard work of our summer students 2019. During their time with us it became apparent that there had been many assumptions made from both the host youth and new to Canada children. With 2 students being Canadian born, and 2 immigrants to Canada we aimed to create a safe space for dialogue on what their journey’s expectations, settlement experiences, and integration in small rural communities has been. Our students hope that this will encourage other newcomer families with children and youth to access the Settlement Workers in Schools Program (SWIS) to support their academic and social integration in our region.

Video creation by: Summer students featured in "The Voice of Youth in Rural Saskatchewan"

Video editing by: Shine Media Group